How your diet can effect your oral health

New Year, New You… right?

Well what you might not know is how your diet could effect your oral health!

Every new year we have the idea of getting healthier in some form and we usually start with the diet! While you might see positive results on the outside, your mouth tells a different story.

Dentist should advise patients to be aware of their oral health conditions and talk with their dentist to choose a diet that wont negatively effect their oral health or specific dental issues. For those who have periodontics, should be sure their diet includes some form of calcium. Vegan and nondairy diets are not the best for individuals with periodontitis unless you are supplementing calcium from another source.


Popularized juice diets or cleanses often have 3-7 days of consuming only fresh fruit and vegetable juices and limiting or eliminating solid foods. These liquid diets have been shown to be detrimental to your oral health. Physical chewing and breathing are necessary for good oral health. Your jaw is a mechanical joint that needs to chew! Even though fruits and vegetables have healthy acids which is only when consumed whole, rather than concentrated juice. The acid in fruit and vegetables tends to be high and can cause severe damage to your tooth enamel. Another popular weight loss method that has serious negative effects on both oral and overall health is protein or meal replacement shakes. Protein powders and supplements help build muscle but have a ton of sugar. Instead of protein shakes you can use a collagen supplement, which provides a precursor for your gums.


No matter which diet patients choose, they should always consult with healthcare providers. Diets have a huge impact on the body but your mouth is the first sign of what is happening consistently. Our oral health should be considered as part of the body!