Make brushing with your child F U N!


Teeth brushing with a toddler can be a job itself!

Is your toddler simply sucking the toothpaste from his brush? Or fighting you for a simple brush? Looking for ways to get it right? Well, we want to make brushing a fun activity for your toddler!

As parents it is crucial that you take good care of the baby teeth and teach your child good oral care habits.  We suggest you start getting your child familiar with brushing as soon as they appear!


–          Use small circular motions and make sure you brush at the gums.

–          Begin with the teeth at the back and move towards the front.  Before increasing the amount of toothpaste, teach them to spit.  This can be difficult, and watching you is the easiest way.  But be patient, it doesn’t happen the first try!

–          You need to be careful of their diet and ensure he is not taking too much of sugary foods. Sweetened drinks and sweet snacks in between can completely ruin the teeth.

–           Always brush after the last bottle or sippy cup.  Never send your child to bed with anything but water.  Make sure you always take the bottle away after each feed to limit exposure.

–       As your child is learning to brush, you can let them brush first and then you brush after.  You should always help them brush until they can write their name in cursive!



If you can make brushing part of your routine, your toddler will soon realize they are missing out on something important and will join you! Letting your toddler watch you brush your teeth can make them realize they want to do it to! Offer repeated reminders that he should brush in the morning and before going to bed.


Some tips to making brushing fun!

–          You can buy colorful brushes and even character themed.

–          You can sing a song while brushing, this will make them feel brushing is a game.


Here is a daily brushing chart for them to mark off as they go!