Dental Bonding

Quickly Correcting Minor Tooth Damage with Dental Bonding in Kannapolis, NC

Want to refresh your smile in a matter of minutes? Bonding is a great choice for patients who have teeth with minor damage. Bonding can restore the health and function of your tooth in just one visit, and the results will last for years.

With bonding, you can correct:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Gaps between the teeth.
  • Discolored or faded areas on the teeth.

Composite bonding can give you a bright, even, and strong smile again. Dr. Wells will simply bond tooth-colored composite material to the surface of the affected tooth or teeth.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

  • This procedure does not require any removal of the natural tooth structure.
  • Composite resin can come in all kinds of shades and will be tailored to best match your natural smile.
  • This minimal and brief procedure is highly affordable.
  • You can see a brand new smile in less than an hour!

Dr. Wells is an experienced cosmetic dentist with a great eye for detail. She will execute a flawless application of composite material to give you natural-looking, beautiful results.

How Long Does Bonding Last?

Because the bonding procedure is so simple and affordable, many patients ask, “How long does bonding really last?”

At First Impressions, we uphold the highest standards for material quality. Your dental bonding can last for up to ten years if you take good care of it. Remember to avoid dark foods and beverages to prevent staining, and continue to brush and floss your durable bonding daily.

Bond With Our Dental Family Here at First Impressions!

When you choose First Impressions, you will instantly become a part of our dental family. Dr. Wells is dedicated to treating each patient like a family member, while considering your individual needs and preferences. We hope you will find our office environment comfortable while we discover the treatment that is right for you!

Achieving a new smile is more than just possible—it’s easy! Call First Impressions to learn more about dental bonding today.

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